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Change of Seasons

Change of Seasons - Autumn Leaves
Change of Seasons – Autumn Leaves

For the first time in FOREVER i rocked a sweater. Well it seems like forever. I dont know what it is about autumn that makes me feel all cozy inside. Not sure if its the sweaters or the pumpkin flavored drinks, etc. I know for many its cuffing season. For my non urban friends i’ll break that down. Cuffing season is that time where you find a boo (girl friend or boyfriend or more) before winter comes so you have someone to cuddle with. I am eternally grateful for me there will be no more cuffing seasons because i’m handcuffed forever to my love.

Change of Seasons - I Love Autumn
I Love the Change of Seasons!

I look forward to chilli, soup, and halloween! I look forward to cooler weather but no white stuff yet. I look forward to General Conference, as well as other fall things. I love the change of leaves that happens in the state of Colorado and the sights i can see. It also has significance as we prepare for the crowning ordinance of the Gospel entering the Holy Temple this fall. Now this fall will be filled with finding a wedding cake (for the low). Finding tuxedos (for the low), finding snack foods (reception gotta be cheap) as well as witnessing the Endowment of my wife and other events. I welcome the rain that is falling outside. I hate the tooth aches its causing me right now (the cold temps) but i think i look good in this sweater!

How The Analogy Fits in our Lives!

In life we go through different seasons. Some of those seasons are like summer. Those types of times when everything is going right. Or sometimes those seasons are like Winter when things are so cold. Each season serves a purpose in nature for instance without the moisture of winter this planet and all of us in it would die. Or without the heat of summer. Or the reprieves of Autumn or the growth of spring. No matter what season your in there is one thing certain, it will change. Life will change. Keep your head up and keep positive even when your in the winter of your life. Because when your in your summer you will need the lessons or the strength of winter.

Still In Our Day One – Kenvincible Show Ep.4

Still in Our Day One

Kenvincible Show Episode 4


Still In Our Day One - Walking the Road
Still In Our Day One – Walking the Road

I apologize it came to this site one day late.  Yesterday was a doozy. I found out i suffer from kidney disease on top of my diabetes and congestive heart failure.

I could immediately go negative and hate life and the world. I can so woe is me. I could stay negative. But the Lord has given me a book in the bible to refer to and it began to set a seed into me. And this seed just sprouted and broke through the dry ground of my heart. And this word was so good i just had to share!

Walking Your Road!

So i hope your able to glean from this good message. And i hope it gives you the strength and courage to keep moving forward. This is just the chapter one of your story, we have a loving and merciful God and your story is eternal because of his sacrifice. Can you believe that? An Eternity! So here it is and you let me know what you think when your done with it!


In Conclusion

Your story is not over yet! Even if everything that could go wrong in your life went wrong the peace and solace is in the fact that your still in chapter one. You need to go through the experience of life. You need to let the seed that you planted or that God planted in you grow. We need to know that life does not happen to us but for us! Because when you come through on the other side your story will be so glorious. And your story will encourage someone else like Job’s story did for me! God bless you and keep you! May he cause his face to shine upon you and give you peace!

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Determination… Family and Friends Friday (Genealogy)


Family and Friends Friday (Genealogy)

Determination Photo
Determination and why its needed in genealogy!

As i finished my morning walk i opened my email to discover a letter from RootsTech 2017. I had placed an application to become an Ambassador but also a speaker at the convention in teaching a class on Genealogy and social media. The letter stated my class proposal would not be accepted this year. I began to be sad that my prospective and what i wanted to present were not good enough. And part of me felt like i was kicked in the stomach. Part of me felt like i did not want to even go to RootsTech or worse stop writing and vlogging about genealogy.

How this applies to Genealogy?

Determination in Genealogy
Determination in Genealogy

Have you ever hit a brick wall in your research? I know i have. And it is so tough to even want to get back on the computer and get back to searching or get to that library to scan microfilm etc. Just like i feel i am not doing that much in the niche of family history lately and wanted to give up many of you feel that way when you do your research and hit brick walls.

Determination is Key!

There are answers and sometimes because were a microwave society we want those answers right now. Sometimes those answers wont come for years but if you lose all hope and stop looking then the answer is that you will never find what your looking for. Determination is so key in doing family history! So sit back and watch this next episode of genealogy gangster as i relate some of my experiences and what determination has brought me.

Genealogy Gangster

It’s Just One of Those Weeks!

It’s Just One of Those Weeks

Whatever Wednesday Post for 8/17

This has been one of those weeks. One of those weeks when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  And when i came to myself things seemed to be out of control. I’m so grateful for everything that i have learned through Anthony Robbins. And i really did handle things well at first. But then when more started to happen i began to lose thoughts and things i learned.

One of those weeks!
One of those weeks!


I am however thankful that as i began to utilize resources that friends and others could be a dramatic help. Just because your learning things from Self Help teachers even like myself you have to tailor those things to your own personal situations. When i was in the middle of my storm and technically i’m not out of that storm yet i have been able to lean on Jesus Christ and my friends to help me out. I am learning alot via the bible right now and i want to do a series on getting out of the boat, the story of Peter on the water with Jesus.

Life Goes On

So even with all of the problems i am going through in life i’m still standing. And i continue to do my 15 minutes to thrive with Anthony Robbins each week. I need to catch up on the rest of my Anthony Robbins so i can move on to other self help learning. I’m also finishing up my book so maybe you can learn from me and my examples and avoid the pitfalls i’ve fallen into. But as i write this i want to touch on one last subject.

Avoid the Spread

The Law of the Spread
The Law of the Spread

So this week i have learned something crucial to life. Everyone is an influencer even if they do not realize it. When i was going crazy this week i did not realize how i was influencing others around me. So next week on the Kenvincible show i’m going to talk about the law of the spread. How we feel is contagious whether we understand that or not. And when we make the conscious decision to go negative  we do so not just for us but those closest around us. Even though i had a bad week or weeks i had no clue that i was making them bad for everyone else around me. So be on the look out for Episode 5 of the Kenvincible Show! So below i’m going to help you be an influencer on social media with snap chat and its absolutely free without any obligations check it out!


Snap Chat Made Easy


So i am offering this free referral guide to SnapChat so you can begin to develop a following. Next week on Monday i will be giving you the entire video training and book for free! Snapchat Marketing Made Easy – Special Free Report

Love Thyself – Ep4 of the Kenvincible Show

Love Thyself

Episode 4 of the Kenvincible Show

Today i talk about some things that i’ve begun to use in my life that has helped in my battle against self hate and depression. I have been off of mental health medication for over a year now. Not by choice but simply because they all slow down the heart and this frightens doctors of Congestive Heart Failure patients. And for the most part this year has been sheer hell. Sorry for all of my religious folks but no other word would do.


For someone who was on mental health drugs for ten years plus and then being off of them cold turkey has been hard. I’ve even debated committing suicide this past year if you can believe that. So a few weeks ago i began finding some keys to help me change my emotional state in the tapes of Anthony Robbins.

Some call him a new agey type of guy. But i think that the things he teaches are good for people of all religions. Christians too.  So here is this video in where i begin to talk to you about ways you can take over your emotions. Ways you can connect and love yourself so much more. I also challenge you to do something he challenges in his Get The Edge course. Spend  two minutes in the mirror each day affirming your own love for self. Start making a list of the things that you love about yourself and then start giving yourself a hug and telling yourself how much you love you. I look forward to sharing more keys that i am learning and growing and i hope i can get you to possibly look into self help materials! Oh yeah we are hiring right now at my job, feel free to request an interview at

My Path to Personal Power: Review of Tony Robbins Personal Power 2

My Path to Personal Power: Review of Anthony Robbins Personal Power II

Personal Power 2
Personal Power 2

So as you can probably tell from a post i did about fourteen days ago i have become a really big fan of Anthony Robbin’s products. I got this set because it was cheap and it was a bit older. But i knew that even his products back in this time still held value for me. And IT HAS! I wish i had the workbook that came along with it but i kept meticulous notes in Google Keep so i could access them on the go or any time that i wanted to.

My Thoughts

This series is a phenomenal one. I think that it has changed my life. Because it has helped me see the negative things i was doing in life and how i could change them. I did not really realize that my being sick was something my mind was doing out of a need of significance. I did not feel like i mattered enough so i ate wrong or did not take meds, etc when i could have done other positive things to get that need filled. It taught on the six basic needs in life. It also taught on how lasting change is created and also two of the best planning workshops that exist in the world today.

My Take Away’s

So now i’m moving on to Get the Edge series. And i’m excited about it. I think the main thing people who use this series need to know is to keep looking over your notes. Do all the exercises and keep looking back over what you wrote. There is real temptation to not do this once your done with the course. But if you do that you will be making all the time you spent on this course a waste! Thank you so much for reading!

Why do i look effiminate? Whatever Wednesday Post

Why do i look effeminate?

Whatever Wednesday Post and my Second Post to the Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge

Yo, what’s going on my friends. Its time for another whatever wednesday post! I wanted to talk about my look.  Alot of people lately have been mixing me up for a woman. And its something i’ve been dealing with a long time in my life. I suffer from a condition known as growth hormone deficiency.  This condition is further compounded by the fact that my endocrine system does not work.

What that means is that my body does not produce any of its natural hormones itself. I have to take drugs to make my thyroid function, i have to take testosterone so i have normal amounts of energy etc. This is a cross i’ve had to bear for many years now. As a teen my aunt dropped the ball in getting me to the doctors so i did not develop naturally.

I do not have a pronounced adams apple. And because my body effectively did not go through puberty i dont have those changes like a mustache or a strong deep male voice. I sound like a kid to be honest but that often gets mistaken for a woman. I am NOT a woman.

Who i am!

I have a fully functioning male reproductive system. I thankfully did develop in the regions that count in my body. My wife can attest to that fact. It is a hard thing i have to go through because it goes against my self esteem. It also sometimes causes me to hate myself and hate my body. I fight that though as i know that the Lord made me unique.  I am grateful my wife loves me for who i am. My wife supports me and honors me as a man. Marriage truly is a blessing from God. My wife reaffirms in me each day my role as a son of God and the priesthood leader of my home.

Who you are!

I told you my story to say this. No matter how you are born. No matter what physical deformities or conditions you may have. You are a son or daughter of God. Created in his image. Created just how you are. Own who you are! Inspire others! Promote self love and self appreciation. When you do, you will inspire others and this will become a better world for it!


Five Ways to Grow Emotionally – Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Blogging Challenge

Five Ways to Grow Emotionally

Getting Your Blogging Grove Back Challenge

So over the past weeks i have been growing emotionally in leaps and bounds. And when i was challenged to do a list post i wanted to give my readers a way to change your emotional reality.  Once you do this you will become stronger and more able to handle the changes of life and success will begin to chase you. So lets get it in!

  1. Do a Walk EVERY DAY – Start your day with some sort of physical excercise. I do walks, what you do is up to you and your doctor. But as i walk i flood my life with positivity, gratitude and visualization and it helps me conquer my day.
  2. Listen to personal development tapes. I consider myself almost a Tony Robbins disciple. I’ve been listening to his tapes and begun to change my outlook in life. So find you some tapes you like! Church tapes are GREAT! People like Napoleon Hill, Deepakl Chopra and Anthony Robbins are good too!
  3. Practice Prayer or Meditation – Taking time out to focus and connect with your higher power (mine is God the father) will help you feel peace. It will help you handle things better!
  4. Love Hard! – If you love others you will be given greater capacities to love. You will be given greater opportunity to serve others. You will feel needed and appreciated and important! So give what you want to recieve.
  5. Play Hard – Incorporate love and fun into your life! Have some variety in your life as well! As you begin to have fun you will feel better about your life! Shopping therapy is a favorite of mine 🙂

FFF: Using Your Phone to Record Oral Histories

Using Your Phone to Record Oral Histories

Family and Friends Friday!

“It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate between schizophrenics and people talking on a cell phone. It still brings me up short to walk by somebody who appears to be talking to themselves.” – Bob Newhart

Using our Cell Phones to Record Histories – The How To Guide!

Today i will be talking about how we can use our cell phones to record Oral histories of our families and that of our clients. Now for this example i will be using the android phone system as the app required to do this comes native on the phones already. However if your an Iphone user i would check out this video here!

So lets get into how you can use your cell phone to record audio histories. If you dont know why i have chosen this topic for this weeks FFF post, check out the video above. Its the second edition of my show Genealogy Gangster, and its talking about how to get started on your genealogy. You will hear me suggest that you record audio histories of your families and hence why i have chosen that topic for today’s post! Let’s get it in!

The Step by Step Guide!

FFF Using Your Phone to Record Audio
FFF Using Your Phone to Record Audio
  1. Select The Sound Recorder Icon on your Applications Drawer/Tray of your Android Device.
FFF Using Your Phone to Record Audio
FFF Using Your Phone to Record Audio

1A. I suggest using a Lavolier Microphone for the recording. While you can use your phone’s microphone, the sound may get muffled along the way. These are less than $20 on Amazon/Ebay and can be pinned to the shirt of the person your interviewing.

FFF Using Your Phone to Record Audio
FFF Using Your Phone to Record Audio

2. Press the little Microphone Icon in the middle of the screen. (Every phone is different some may say record, or have the microphone icon somewhere else on the screen.


3. Ask engaging questions. For a list of good questions check out here! I also usually ask people to have pictures out and mementos. That helps get the memory going and the information seems to flow out easier into beautiful stories.

FFF Using Phone to Record Audio Histories
FFF Using Phone to Record Audio Histories

4. Save the file as something on your phone’s SD Drive. It is suggested to save things there but it can be saved on the internal memory as well. Use descriptive file names like the name of the person interviewed and date it will help you find the file later!